Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teen Girls


Go bold with color.

Teen girl bedrooms tend to be more fun than frilly, with bright colors and artwork. Rather than invest in trendy furniture and finishes, keep the core pieces basic so that you can paint or accent them as your teenager's tastes change. A simple coat of paint, a stencil, fabric or a decoupaged series of images can adapt a simple bookshelf, cabinet, dresser or desk to a new bedroom decor theme. Personalize teenage girl bedroom decor with photographs, do-it-yourself projects, collections and souvenirs.

Indian Palace Bedroom

Transform a Plain Jane bedroom into an exotic Indian palace with the simple addition of textiles in rich hues and patterns. Attach curtain rods to the ceiling around the bed and hang gauzy paisley and floral panels that pool onto the floor. For a lighter look, attach a mosquito net over the bed, and twine ribbons and strings of beads around the frame. Create a surreal floating canopy effect by drilling holes in the ceiling and placing eye hooks in the holes. String translucent fishing wire through the eye hooks, pull it taut and knot it to create a nearly invisible frame. Drape lightweight sheer panels or window scarves over the fishing wire. Extend the look by covering an ottoman or a simple wooden crate in bright fabric and surrounding it with floor cushions printed in contrasting patterns. Pom poms, mirrors, fringe, tassels and embroidered images add to the decadent look.

Surf Shack Bedroom

Evoke the cool, laid-back atmosphere of a beach surf shack in your teenage girl's bedroom. Use sand and surf as your inspiration for wall colors of sky blue, cobalt blue, bottle green and gold. A wallpaper or hand-painted mural of waves, sand dunes, underwater life or surfers in action fills one or two accent walls. Rip-stop nylon has a nautical look. Use it for a floating canopy over the bed or a window treatment. Fill bottles and jars with seashells, coral, sand dollars, sea glass, driftwood and pebbles and place them in window sills or on a rustic wooden floating shelf.

Bohemian Modern Bedroom

Get funky with a Bohemian modern, or "bomo," teenage bedroom scheme. Combine flea market finds, repurposed pieces, junkyard gems, family heirlooms and found or homemade art to create a room reminiscent of a Paris art salon or an artist live/work space. A sunny yellow on the walls creates a cheerful backdrop for gypsy patchwork textiles, vintage thrift store art and shelves and cabinets displaying retro toys, world handicrafts and items from nature. Cover the bed in velvet, satin and embroidered throw pillows. A chandelier painted bright fuchsia or periwinkle gives the room sculptural interest, while a bouquet of paper or silk lanterns provides a burst of color.

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