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Beadboard is vertical wood paneling that can be used to decorate any room.

Beadboard is vertical wood paneling that can be used to protect a wall and decorate a room. Beadboard came into popularity in the 1800s and remains so because of its flexibility. Beadboard can make a room look casual when painted white or elegant when stained or painted dark. These vertical wood panels go great in just about any room. From bedrooms to bathrooms, hallways and dining rooms beadboards can really make a room stand out.


Putting beadboard in the bathroom helps to accent bathroom fixtures such as toilets and sinks when it is painted to match the color of the particular fixture you want to accent. Not only does beadboard accent a bathroom's fixtures but it also protects the walls from dampness, mold and rot. Beadboard is classic and practical, so if you are tired of having an ordinary looking bathroom, install beadboard. It's not only cheap and easy to install, but it will make your bathroom look good.


To give your room an elegant look, install dark beadboard complemented by dark-colored paint on the walls. Make sure that the beadboard is installed to a height above the doorknobs as the beadboard will protect the walls from getting damaged if the doorknob hits the wall. Combine beadboard with flat panels and wainscotting in order to break up the beadboard and give your room a more elegant look.

With Chair Rail

Chair rail is wood molding installed on a wall at chair height in order to give the walls a more sophisticated look while making the walls seem taller than they actually are. Usually the wall below the chair rail is painted a different color or textured differently than the part above the chair rail. Instead of painting or texturing the wall below the chair rail, install beadboard. The beadboard will not only add more charm and character to your room, it will enhance the effects of the chair rail.

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