Design Ideas for Spanish Colonial Kitchens


The Spanish colonial design style is based on the bare-walls, high-arches housing style popular in Spain and Portugal. Many of these interior styles also incorporate Native American décor. Spanish colonial design is simple and utilitarian, and many Spanish colonial houses are built with clay roofing tiles and clay or natural stone tiles. Spanish colonial style is similar to Tuscan style.


Spanish colonial furniture should be a dark wood like oak, with simple, clean lines. Pick dark wood bar stools to go along your kitchen counter, and a dark wood cooking island.


Paint your Spanish colonial kitchen in earthy colors such as tans and browns, but don't be afraid to accent it with splashes of earthy oranges and blues. Use intricate Spanish tiles as a backsplash for your kitchen sink, countertops or even an arching entrance to the kitchen,


Clay or natural stone tile flooring goes well in a Spanish colonial home. Saltillo tiles from Mexico are made of an orange clay that turns your kitchen into a hacienda. Satlillo tiles are all handmade, so each one is unique. You may even find animal footprints on the surface of this flooring choice. Marble or natural stone countertops are also within the guides of Spanish colonial style.


Accessories for your Spanish colonial countertops can include clay pots in earthy but bright colors such as a burnt orange or turquoise blue. Potted cactuses on the counter can add a sense of life to your kitchen.


Religious artwork, specifically Catholic artwork, is traditional for Spanish colonial style. Hanging a picture of the Virgin Mary or a large wooden crucifix above your oven is not just for religious worship, it is also tying together your kitchen design.


Put your dishes on open shelves, and buy colorful dishes in red, orange, green or yellow, adding a sense of color to your space and opening up your kitchen.


Copper fixtures on your sink and cabinets add an aged but polished look to your Spanish colonial kitchen.

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